Bomix® Decor-Lite (white)

Decor-Lite (white)

Decor-Lite Bomix® is a light white stucco that lends itself to the most imaginative of decorative projects (reliefs, patterns, ornamental frescoes, etc.).

  • Indoor use
  • On wood, concrete, polystyrene, gypsum or brick
  • Reliefs and frescoes

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This product can be applied directly to concrete surfaces, pressed wood, plywood, polystyrene or gypsum boards, and will adhere to old stucco, plaster and brick. Decor-Lite can be coloured with our Easy-match colouring system to produce a wide variety of pastel shades. For interior use only

Decor-Lite stucco is applied in 2 coats. Using a trowel or sponge, apply a thin first coat of 2 to 3 mm (1/16 to 1/8 in) thick. The second coat can be applied within 10 minutes of application or after a 12-hour waiting period.

Setting time
12 h

22.7 kg