Bomix® Fortafix

Fortafix - Expanding urethane system for foundation repair

Bomix® FORTAFIX / FORTAFIX PLUS is a one-component moisture-reactive polyurethane injection system specially formulated for the repair of cracks in foundations.

  • Creates a foam that expands 20 times its volume

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The FORTAFIX/FORTAFIX PLUS system is used for effective and permanent repair of cracks in foundation walls. It can be used to repair very thin cracks (1/16 inch, 2 mm) up to larger cracks (1/2 inch, 12.5 mm).

FORTAFIX can only be used to fill cracks in concrete walls.

Setting time
Sleeves and grout can be removed with a cold chisel 48 hours after injection.

2 x 300 ml