Bomix® HR-8000

High strength concrete mix

This concrete has twice the strength of ordinary concrete. Better resistance to freeze/thaw cycles. Highly resistant to de-icing salts. Ideal for steps and sidewalks. Strength of 31 MPa at 24 hours and 55 MPa at 28 days.

  • 2 times the strength of ordinary concrete
  • Better resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
  • High resistance to de-icing salts
  • Ideal for steps and pavements

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HR-8000 Bomix® is an industrial grade concrete mix specially formulated to achieve a compressive strength of 55 Mpa (8000 Psi), at 28 days, which is more than double the compressive strength of regular concrete.

The HR-8000 Bomix® concrete mix can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Setting time
Wait until the product has reached its initial set (approximately 2 hours, at 23°C (73°F)) before proceeding with the finition stage.

30 kg