Bomix® Nivabond

Nivabond - Concrete adhesive

Nivabond Bomix® is a ready to use polyvinyl acetate based concrete adhesive emulsion for increasing the bond between a new cementitious mixture, such as concrete, sand cement or render to a concrete substrate.

  • Nivabond Bomix® is also used as a bonding agent when using Nivaflow Bomix® fast setting self-levelling grout.

Product ID:
6933C01, 6933C03

Nivabond Bomix® is used before applying cementitious products to old concrete, such as concrete floors, steps, sidewalks or walls.

Shake container well before use. Apply a thick coat of Nivabond Bomix® to the existing surface using a brush or paint roller. Wait 2 to 3 minutes for the coat to dry completely, then install the new product on the substrate.

Setting time

1L, 3L