Bomix® Permafix

Permafix - Lime-based masonry pointing mortar

Permafix Bomix® is a hydrated lime and portland cement based mortar mainly used for the repair of damaged mortar joints.

  • The presence of hydrated lime gives it enhanced waterproofing, vapour transmission, water retention, workability and adhesion properties.
  • Permafix Bomix® can be coloured with our Easy-match colouring system to match the colour of the existing mortar.

Product ID:
5094C05, 5094C15

Permafix Bomix® can be used indoors and outdoors to repoint brickwork.

Using a cat's tongue, push the mortar firmly into the joint, taking care not to spread it. The mortar should be applied in 3 passes of equal depth.

Setting time
The mortar should be applied within 1 ½ hours of mixing if the surrounding temperature is 25°C (77°F) or higher, and within 2 ½ hours if the temperature is below 25°C (77°F).

5 kg, 15 kg