HPC FastSet™ - Repair mortar

FastSet™ HPC rapid-setting repair mortar features low slump, making it ideal for vertical or overhanging repairs.

FastSet™ HPC (High Performance Cement) Rapid-Set Repair Mortar is a high-strength, rapid-setting, polymer-modified, shrinkage-compensated repair material designed for vertical and overhanging structural repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces.

- Vertical or overhanging.
- Polymer-modified.
- Fast setting.
- Can be sculpted.
- Very low sag.

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This product can be applied up to a maximum of 38 mm (1-1/2 in) in a single application. Its unique properties allow the user to shape the material during application. Use to repair concrete cracks, curbs, steps, prestressed panels, pipes, tunnels, sewers, loading docks, silos, retaining walls, culverts, catch basins, decorative moldings, bridge columns, parapets, septic tanks, cold rooms and virtually any vertical or overhanging concrete surface.

Vertical repair and overhang

Setting time
Approx. 15 minutes

9 kg (19.8 lb) bucket and 25 kg (55 lb) bag