bomix® - S13:FLOW-MIX
Description: Fast setting self levelling underlayment
Utility: To automatically level concrete or plywood surfaces before the installation of a floor covering (ceramic, carpet, tiles, etc). Ideal to complete the installation of radiant floor systems
Application: Once mixed, simply pour on the surface to be levelled (Adheres to plywood without the need of a primer coat)
Set time: Fast / 90 minutes
Details: FLOW-MIX is a fast-curing self levelling mortar, which requires only the addition of water for levelling and smoothing uneven floors in a simple, practical and durable way. It is suitable for levelling all kinds of interior concrete floors and plywood surfaces (exterior grade). FLOW-MIX can be applied at thickness' that may vary from 3 mm (1/8 in) to 25 mm (1 in) in a single application. FLOW-MIX is a Portland cement based compound using the latest additive technology rendering a self levelling underlayment with excellent adhesion over concrete and exterior grade plywood. FLOW-MIX is not to be used as a wear surface. It permits the installation of resilient floor covering, wood parquet, carpet, ceramic tiles and natural stones with a minimum delay.
Size: 22,7 kg
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