bomix® - S2:TOPCRETE
Description: High performance 2 components resurfacing compound
Utility: Resurfaces, seals and protects old concrete. Resists to de-icing salts. Ideal to even out already patched concrete surfaces
Application: Apply in thin coat with a paintbrush or a trowel. Mix included powder and polymeric liquid.
Details: Topcrete is a superior grade resurfacing mortar that will restore damaged concrete surfaces and protect them from further deterioration. Fully weatherproof, it can be used on any interior or exterior concrete surfaces such as: stairs, balconies, sidewalks, foundations. Topcrete is supplied as a two-component system containing a powder mortar and a high acrylic content, liquid latex. This high level of polymer gives excellent protective properties such as water-repellency, abrasion, resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salt. Topcrete is very easy to apply with a paintbrush or a steel trowel.
Size: 6 kg, 22,7 kg
BEFORE: Worn sidewalk damaged by aging and repeated use of de-icing salts.AFTER: Results obtained by filling holes with Unicrete (Solution 3) or Versafix (Solution 4 / quick-setting) followed by the application of a thin coat of Topcrete (Solution 2) using a 6 inches wide paintbrush.
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