bomix® - S3:UNICRETE
Description: Polymer modified repair mortar
Utility: Long-term durable repair of cracks and voids without the use of adhesives. Can be used to level concrete stairs and landings or where high build is required.
Application: Can be applied up to a thickness of 75 mm (3 in). Apply with a trowel.
Set time: Regular (approximately 4 hrs)
Details: Unicrete is a one-component, polymer modified mortar, specially formulated for long-term reparation of cracks and voids on concrete surfaces. Unicrete can be used in all sorts of situations since a single mix can be applied in a thickness ranging from 3 mm (1/8 in) to 75 mm (3 in). Its smooth texture and manageability makes it a very easy-to-apply mortar.
Size: 5 kg, 15 kg
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